HTC Legend Makes Android Beautiful

viernes, febrero 19, 2010

HTC has officially taken the wraps off their next-gen HTC Legend Android smart phone.  Its bright AMOLED display and unibody aluminum build are amongst the sexiest we’ve seen yet in a smart phone, but its specs prove that its beauty is not skin deep.

Like the MacBook Pro laptops of late, the HTC Legend features a unibody aluminum design, meaning it is created from a single sheet of aluminum.  This adds to the device’s durability and underscores its sex appeal.  Front-and-center, the Legend uses an AMOLED display with a 320 x 480 resolution, fully capacitive for multi-touch control.  Under the hood, the Legend is powered by a 600 MHz processor, 512MB ROM, 384MB RAM and connectivity for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS protocols.  It’ll run the latest Android 2.1 operating system with the sexy HTC Sense UI, making its soul as lovely as its skin.

Via: Thecoolist

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